Graduates say about us:

„In my opinion, the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica is the best option for those who want to dedicate their career for the benefits and needs of state. As it has been evidenced, its diapason is far much bigger than I thought myself at the beginning.  I am very pleased that graduates from the Faculty are successful not only in the state or public sector but in other areas as well.  During the 20 years of its existence, the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations reconfirmed on repeated occasions its significant and important place within society. It has trained and educated many skilled persons who now hold important positions at home and abroad, and thus they spread a good reputation of their Alma mater. There is an increasing awareness that the Faculty became attractive educational institution, and that is especially thanks to its pedagogues. It gained its „maturity“ and underwent its own evolution, which resulted in providing education of a high quality. I wish that the Faculty continues to flourish, that the graduates would not forget it and that they would always help their Alma mater, because without the Faculty many of us would not be where we are.”  (Roman Hloben, Ambassador of Slovakia  to Montenegro)