Our graduates

Graduates are offered wide-range positions mainly in the practice but also in the scientific research. The offer of study programmes creates an adequate environment for education of future managerial personnel who is politically mature and organizationally capable in all spheres of public administration of the Slovak Republic:

  • in the foreign service and in the representation of the Slovak Republic in international organizations and institutions;
  • in the state administration mainly in organizations and public relations departments of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, The Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic, ministries,
  • in the highest bodies of a specialized state administration and in the local state administration;
  • in the local administration, as well as in the public-legal corporations;
  • political parties and interest groups;
  • in the sphere of mass media communication;
  • in the non-governmental sector as well as in private sphere.

The faculty is proud of it´s graduates who have jobs in various fields, where they represent not only themselves, but also the faculty and the Slovak Republic. Many have succeeded in diplomacy, IR and state administration. Our aim is to maintain contact with our graduates and help them to keep a positive relation with their alma mater, all for sake of bilateral benefits.