Faculty of Political Science and International Relations is one of the most significant academic institutions that prepares professionals in the field of international relations, public affairs and civil service. Our graduates succesfully represent the Slovak Republic in the EU institutions and in the area of IR.

Our graduates, as future employees on the international scene, have  a significant scope of knowledge. In addition to the profile subjects, they are well prepared in foreign languages, psychology, as well as sociology. Graduates handle also the issues related to culture, history, art and sport. They are well appointed with etiquette and protocol skills on both practical and theoretical level.

  • Today, more than ever, the world needs qualified professionals in the area of politics, international relations, diplomacy and security.
  • We have 20 years of experience in education process and research.
  • We offer a unique study programe - Security Studies.
  • Faculty has a strong support from important partners such as Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Ministry of Defence and many others...
  • We are oriented on demands of national and European intitutions, as well as civil service and local administration.

The demands of market and the need of experience in the area of European and national institutions lead the Faculty towards a dynamic innovation of curricula and profile of existing study programs. Currently, the Faculty provides bachelor, master and PhD. studies in the field of political science and international relations. Given the need for high-profile representation of the Slovak Republic within the EU, our faculty provides also master degree in the European Studies.  
Profile of the Faculty has been significantly modified by innovations within the offer of study programs. Requirements from modern international environment and the necessity of language proficiency led to the introduction of master study program in the English language and dual study programs in cooperation with French universities enabling to issue double diplomas.