About the faculty


The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations (abbreviated form FPSIR) is the top academic center which prepares experts in the field of international relations, public and state administration. The graduates of this faculty successfully represent the Slovak Republic in the European Union institutions and in the international relations arena. 

After the admission to the democratic political system in 1989, the Slovak Republic became the independent actor on the international relations scene. Consequently, necessity of the establishment of special political science and international study program has arisen in order to provide university educated experts to the labor market in the sphere of state administration organs, public administration, self-administration and international cooperation.

FPSIR in the competing environment in an effort to keep the strong position in the educational system of the Slovak Republic places a great emphasis on study programs improvement and their implementation into the practice.

Internationalization of the study program is one of the strategic goals of the faculty for the next future. Cooperation with the best foreign universities creates a fruitful soil for the latest challenges and trends in the university education and provides our students with the best opportunity to gain high quality education which is the basic prerequisite for their future career at the international level.

Market and practice demands in the sphere of national and European institutions, public administration and self-administration as well, has initiated a new study program creation.

There are the current accredited full-time and part-time learning forms in the study programs as follows:

  • The international relations and political science study program within the Bachelor degree study,
  • the international relations, European studies, security studies and political science study program within the Master degree study,
  • the international relations and political science study program within the PhD. study program.

The Faculty offers the Double degree study programs in the English and French language - bachelor and master study program in International Relations and dual master study program in Political Science in cooperation with Metropolitan University in Prague, Czech Republic; dual master francophone study program in Community Integration and European Neighborhood Policy in cooperation with University of Reims Champagne Ardenne in Reimes, France and dual master study program in Political Science in cooperation with Faculty of European Studies in Serbia.

Faculty offers also Joint master study program in International relations in English (VNDREAM): Europe from Visegrad perspective in cooperation with Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, Jagellonian University in Krakow, Poland, University in Pecs, Hungary and our Faculty.

The Faculty has become a highly respected institution in the European and world domain in the specialization of international relations. Specific profile and language skills of the students and teachers designate the dynamic international contacts as an important leap into the improvement of internationalization in the education.

The current reform in the university education highlights the quality of education, which is comparable with the European university standards of education. In accordance with this reform, the content of the European educational programs is aimed at the development of the European dimension in university education which is a milestone in the philosophy of university education, it requires the review of the educational programs, the content, research activities, management and finance policy (the necessity of common study programs).

This approach allows mutual comparison at the state level and abroad, it leads to the competitiveness and discovers true reality. At the same time more objective comparison with the different university centers at home and abroad is available. Higher motivation in the quality of education, science and research and management as a result is expected.

The graduates are offered wide-range job positions mainly in the practice with the consideration of the science level. Matej Bel University, The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations with the study program offer creates the adequate background and environment for education and developing well organized management personnel in all spheres of public administration of the Slovak Republic:

  • in the foreign service and in the representation of the Slovak Republic in the international organizations and institutions.
  • in the state administration mainly in integration, organization and public relations departments of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, The Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic, ministries, the highest organs of the specialized state administration and local state administration,
  • in the local and interest administration, as well as in the public-legal corporations,
  • political parties and interest groups,
  • in the sphere of mass media communication,
  • in the private sphere.

In order to fulfill all these criteria and goals, the faculty uses every opportunity to discover new and effective means of the improvement of its competitiveness, for example, through the study programs enhancement which reflects the needs and requests of the practice and the bodies in cooperation, through pedagogical process reorganization, life-long learning education of pedagogical and scientific personnel at the faculty, by the enlargement of international scientific and pedagogical cooperation, by the implementation of modern forms and methods of education, by eliciting student to participate in special students theses.