Slovak evening 10 April

Event information
Host:Faculty of Political Science and International Relations
Start date:10. April. 2018 - 17:15
End date:10. April. 2018 - 21:00
Place:Faculty of Political Science and International Relations
Town:Banská Bystrica

Dear friends,
let us invite you to the first social event under the auspices of Sigma, in cooperation with the historically largest number of clubs. The evening is attended by CESA, CNS, EAC, EFPOLIT and the Student Council.
What is this about? Usually, Spanish, French, Italian evenings are being organized. Its idea is that foreign students introduce themselves and their culture to us and we can get to know their culture, beverages and food.
But now we have decided to make it special for you. We´ve decided to turn it the other way around. We will present ourselves to you, foreign students, as well as to ourselves, as there are certainly many things that even we can still learn about our homeland.
The presentation will be conducted in an interactive way for our Erasmus friends and students.
All evening will be carried in the folk spirit. The organizers will bring garments from their native region. We also ask the participants to wear at least folk like looking costumes.
We will be honored by the University dance Folk Group "Mladosť".
Of course, there will be typical Slovak refreshments waiting for you to taste it.
After Slovak evening we are awaiting you in Ponorka at Slovak Party, where we have prepared a surprise or two for both sexes.

So do not fool around at your dorm and come enjoy this special evening on University ground and perhaps learn something about your host country Žmurkajúci