International Relations

In order to maximize the interconnection between theory and practice, the Faculty seeks strategic partnerships with the most important national and international institutions. Institutional cooperation and a network of external partners are means to improve the education and the image of the Faculty. The Faculty aims to provide students by means of internships a platform enabling them to develop practical skills, gain valuable experience and proceed in personal growth as cornerstone for their future professional career.
The main institutional partners of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations are Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Government Office of the Slovak Republic and Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia.  
We consider the cooperation with state institutions to be a priority for personal development of students and the quality of studies. Besides internships, it is a long-term interest of the Faculty to provide the leading personalities of these institutions the opportunity to join the pedagogic process. Successful and intensive cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic serves as a good example of such a mutually beneficial partnership.