Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations  University of Matej Bel

Information for incoming students

The Faculty has three departments – Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Department of Political Science, Department of Security Studies. Each department carries out its own activities, focusing on specific research area and provides education process. 

The English language courses in political science and international relations focuses on the Central European region offering compre-hendsive knowledge of the political, international, economic, social institutions of the V4 countries. The courses address several general priorities of the V4 area - security policies, economic relations and political systems in the context of global and European political and economic processes. The proposed courses is provided by experienced university lecturers of the Faculty and by guest lecturers from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Georgia using advanced teaching methods. Teaching is provided by experts of notable academic and practical experience. Some of them are still serving as high-ranking officials dealing mostly with security related issues.

Deadlines for applications (note: it is always a month of the previous year in a yearly cycle): Summer Semester: November 15 (outside of EU: 15 October), Winter Semester: July 15 (outside of EU: 15 May). Please see attachments: Conditions for temporary residence for the purpose of study for EU and non-EU students bellow.

Before you come to study here you must prepare yourself for a game called bureaucracy. It's not too difficult, but you do have to remember ALL the following rules. To make it as easy and smooth as possible we shall take you through the individual steps of the procedure. In the end you shall have most of the forms needed to obtain all the necessary permits. Please follow the instruction in the Erasmus Booklet (in attachments bellow).

To be nominated by your Erasmus+ coordinator (If you wish to come to study at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations, Matej Bel University as an Erasmus student, your home university must officially nominate you. In the first instance, therefore, you must contact the ERASMUS coordinator at your home university.)

The Slovak Republic is a small country in Central Europe and has innumerable cultural and historical points of interest and sights. If you want to enrich your life by experiencing student life in Central Europe, then the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations at Matej Bel University is an excellent place.

Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations University of Matej Bel