Centres of excellence

The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica invests its research potential primarily into projects which have an added value for academic sphere and public sector. Two projects of the centres of excellence, which the Faculty has recently obtained within the EU Operational Program, Research and Development, prove that academic exceptionality together with strategic orientation on research projects can bring results of high quality.  
Project of the Centre of excellence oriented on research of national and international security issues is aimed at developing infrastructure as a pillar of national and international scientific and research cooperation, and particularly at the research of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU and European security structures.
Project of the Centre of excellence oriented on creation of complex strategy of international crisis management in international relations is aimed at coordinating research in the area of international crisis management in the system of international relations with the intention to create a simulation and prognostic facility of support to application research.