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Tézy pre súbornú skúšku Aj, III.r. Bc. štúdia, 2017/2018 - ústna časť

Tézy pre súbornú skúšku Aj, III.r. Bc. štúdia, 2017/2018 - ústna časť


1.  The Tudors

2   The Stuarts

3.  The 19th century – the Victorian Era

4.  The twentieth century in USA

5.   The Fighting for Independence

6.   The Civil War

7.   The Economic Development of USA

8.   The Development of foreign relations and diplomacy in USA

9.    Contemporary UK - Brexit

10.   Political system of GB (major figures, form of the Government, Constitution, Legislative  branch - Houses of Parliament, Political parties,  Monarchy)

11.   Foreign policy of UK – Security, Immigration, UK and China, UK and US

12. Making of a nation, American Values and Belief, Americanisation and Regionalism

13. The US - a land of minorities, Martin Luther King.

14. Enduring features of international relations – anarchy, order, constraint on state behavior.

15. The search for global order – Moral Imperatives and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.






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