Wind of change. Empowering Student Activism in Armenia

Informácie o projekte

International Visegrad Fund

Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Matej Bel University (coordinator - dr. M. Lenč, doc. J. Ušiak)
International Projects Association “INPRO” (Poland)
European Youth Centre Břeclav (Czechia)
Youthfully Yours SR (Slovakia)

The project aims to address the quality standards of higher education system in Armenia. Given the ongoing reform of the higher education system in Armenia there is a need to mobilize education community against deteriorating quality of education system and to support informed youth participation in the reform process. Proposed project aims to empower activist potential and leadership of students in Armenia who will form concrete asks and actively advocate for reforms in higher education. In the long run, the project aspires to develop public demand for quality in higher education among students through empowerment, capacity enhancement and community building activities. The intention of the project is on one hand to promote a public discourse and demand of quality education, and on the other hand to generate small groups of active students – young people with enthusiasm, leadership skills and willingness to make a change in the area of higher education. Matej Bel University will participate in some of the components of the project, mainly Expert Talks, Student Activism School and organisation of the field trip of Armenian students to V4, mainly Slovakia. By participation in the project Matej Bel University aims to share its know-how to our Armenian partners in the area of higher education as well as implementation of its success stories, projects and initiatives that work well in praxis.